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Super Boom Sunday Box FILLER

Super Boom Sunday Box FILLER

  • $ 1,000,00000

This is for 1 spot out of the 10 total spots in the filler for ONE box for Super Boom Sunday!

After 10 orders come in, we will generate a list of those first ten orders to make the same list we are used to. This will avoid having people commenting the same number, waiting on payments, etc. This will also mean that you will AUTOMATICALLY get rewards points added to your account for EVERY raffle spot you buy! We will them random the list as per usual, and the same rules apply. You will see 10 in stock when we release a raffle for a box, and as the orders come in to fill the raffle, you'll see the number drop quickly. So instead of my typing "4 left", you will see 4 in stock on the website. If everyone hates this idea and doesn't want the rewards points, I'll go back to the old way. But...if you have rewards points, and accumulate them as you go, you will be able to use them towards raffle spots and could potentially get a couple spots for free... Thoughts?