What we do

Hi! Welcome to APBOOMBOX.COM. I'd like to introduce myself quickly, and explain what it is that we do here. I'm someone who loved re-pack products. I'd consistently drop huge amounts of money on boxes from other companies and get an extremely low ROI. I figured, hey, why not change that? Why not do 30-40 box cases every night with different chasers, all while trying to stay under $75 a box? Why not give someone a shot at a Mickey Mantle autographed baseball, or a vintage Hank Aaron card, or god knows what else, for a price that no one else could come close to? Here, you'll never find a $10 card in a $250 box. We simply don't make the box if I would be the one purchasing it, and I'd be unsatisfied. Understand, this is a risk sure, but instead of spending thousands of dollars, trying to hit one big card, here you'll at least find decent items in each box, with some boxes being extremely nice.

We've done everything from Mantle autographs to Hank Aaron rookie cards, to Trout and Bryant to full-sized pieces of memorabilia, whether it be photos, posters, footballs, baseballs, pucks, bats, boxing gloves, framed pieces and more. I've been doing this for four years, and wish I found this elsewhere because I'd be a customer. We get new, exciting items in daily, and ship the very next day. I've been on the other side a lot, waiting for my stuff. I like getting what I purchased as soon as possible. Thank you for trying us out, if you have any questions, please email me at ap@apboombox.com. We usually go live every night around 9 or 10PM EST as we are located in New York City. Have a good day, hopefully you'll be BOOMING with us in no time! -AP